A tortoise and a hare

A tortoise and a hare

A lot of divorcing couples who engage in the mediation process at my firm have timing issues that are causing conflict. Frequently, one party might be seen as a ‘hare’. This party experiences divorcing as an urgent matter and wants to rush everything along as quickly as possible so that he or she can get on with life after divorce. Actions and words all exert pressure on the other party to hurry or speed up. Just as frequently, the spouse of this ‘hare’ might be seen as a ‘tortoise’.

For this party, divorce may be painful, unexpected or simply unthinkable. This party often seems blindsided and needs to move very slowly through this period of their life. Actions and words all express the desire for the other party to stop or slow down. Engaging in mediation with my firm can help both parties achieve their goals and objectives. Surfacing these differing personal time schedules and working respectfully through them usually results in long-lasting, mutually satisfactory marital settlement agreements.


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